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Dental Implants: Myths vs. Facts

Most people do a great deal of internet research prior to a medical or dental procedure, but unfortunately, not everything on the internet is reliable information. This is certainly true when it comes to dental implants—there are some fantastic resources online that explain the procedure, but there are also some myths about dental implants floating around on message boards, social media, and alternative health sites. Below, we dispel some of the most common myths about dental implants and share the truth about this life-changing procedure.

Myth: Getting Dental Implants Is Long and Painful

This is partially true—many dental implant procedures do take months to complete. Multiple appointments are needed and if supplemental procedures like a sinus lift or bone grafting are required, the entire dental implant process can take up to a year from start to finish. That said, there are some procedures, like Full Arch on Four Dental Implants, that are immediate-load, meaning you’ll leave our office with a full set of replacement teeth the same day as your implant placement. Even when immediate-load implants aren’t possible, it’s important to keep in mind that implants are a permanent replacement for your missing teeth, and as such, they take longer than getting a bridge or denture.

When it comes to the pain involved, we always use local anesthesia to ensure that you feel no discomfort while we perform your dental implant procedure. In our office, we also offer the option of a patient to be asleep for their procedure. Once the procedure is complete and the local anesthesia wears off in the hours after your surgery, you’ll experience some tenderness at the surgical site. Most patients find recovery from dental implant surgery easier than that of a tooth extraction. 

Myth: Dental Implants Compromise Your Health

Are dental implants safe? It’s a question you’ll find again and again on the internet and it’s one that’s easy to answer. Dental implants have a long track record of safe use. In fact, titanium dental implants were first used in the 1960s, so if there were long-term consequences to dental implant surgery, we’d know it by now. There’s no scientific research supporting the idea that dental implants cause chronic headaches, pain, and other health issues.

Another safety concern with dental implants is implant failure. It’s true that dental implants can and do fail, but they have an overall success rate of 98 percent. Included in the 2 percent of patients who experience implant failure are people who do not follow aftercare instructions, people who traveled outside of the United States for cheap implant surgery, and people who shouldn’t have been candidates for implant surgery due to underlying health issues. Choose a skilled dental implant team and your risks are minimal.

Myth: Dental Implants Are Overpriced

Dental implants are expensive, but this is because they are the only restoration option for missing teeth that addresses tooth loss above and below the gum line. This requires a minor surgical procedure and high quality biocompatible materials, so naturally, the cost is slightly more than a bridge or denture, which is entirely external. The cost of dental implants includes multiple office visits, a restoration for your missing teeth (performed separately by your dentist or prosthodontist), imaging, surgery, anesthesia, supplemental procedures, implant posts, abutments, and sedation—the procedure simply involves more, which is why it is more expensive.

Myth: Dental Implants Don’t Look Realistic

It’s true that many dental implants don’t look realistic. That’s why at Mid-Manhattan Oral Surgery, we’ve partnered with the best dental laboratories and cosmetic dentists in the field to provide customized, natural-looking restorations to attach to your dental implants. Once your procedure is complete, you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence because your dental implants will look, feel, and function just like real teeth.

Get the Facts About Dental Implants

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