How Much Does Wisdom

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Midtown NYC?

Knowing what you can expect to pay is important if you’re planning to have your wisdom teeth removed. Since each case is unique, there is not one set price for all patients. The price depends on various factors, including the dental provider you choose. Read on to learn more about wisdom teeth removal and the variables that may affect the cost.

What Factors May Influence the Cost?

Even though wisdom teeth removal is a very common type of oral surgery, no two patients are exactly the same. Your provider will tailor your treatment around your individual needs and preferences, and this can affect how much you may pay. Here are some factors that can play a role:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth - An impacted wisdom tooth is one that has not yet broken through the gums or has only partially broken through the gums. If one or more of your wisdom teeth are impacted, then the cost for removal will likely be higher.
  • The number of teeth being removed - Many patients are referred to have all four wisdom teeth removed. However, we will perform a thorough examination, carefully listen to any information a patient provides us and review x-rays; this combined information will allow us to make a recommendation appropriate for the patient. Also, some people may be born with fewer than four wisdom teeth. If fewer teeth are removed, then the cost will be less.
  • The type of anesthesia that is used - Your oral surgeon will review options on whether to be awake or sedated, so that you are asleep during the procedure. Regardless of which option is decided, the areas being treated will be given local anesthesia; so that you should not feel any pain when your wisdom teeth are removed. Costs vary depending on the anesthesia used.
  • Your dental insurance coverage - Dental insurance typically covers wisdom teeth removal. However, the amount can vary based on your individual plan. The team at Mid-Manhattan Oral Surgery can work with you to help you understand what will be covered by your insurance and make the most of your benefits.

What If I Need Help Financing the Costs?

At Mid-Manhattan Oral Surgery, we believe that finances should not keep people from getting the dental care they need. If cost is a concern for you, we will discuss your options and ways to make treatment more affordable. Also, we are proud to offer our patients CareCredit® financing, which offers a variety of options designed to fit almost every budget with ease.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Worth It?

If your dental provider recommends that you have your wisdom teeth removed because they are causing pain or other potential problems, it is definitely worth it. This may help you avoid serious complications later on. For example, wisdom teeth that are impacted, sideways, or crowding the surrounding teeth may lead to problems like cysts, tumors, shifting teeth, and infections.

Want to Learn More?

It’s natural to feel some anxiety about getting your wisdom teeth removed. However, the more you know about what to expect, the more confident you will be. If you need your wisdom teeth evaluated or removed and are in Manhattan or Hoboken, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Call our office at 212-696-2677 (Manhattan) or 201-659-6999 (Hoboken) today.