Oral Biopsies and Pathology

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Oral pathology is any disease of the tissues of the mouth. The mouth is lined with a smooth, pink skin known as mucosa. Any abnormality in the texture or color of the mucosa, such as a lump inside the cheek, gums, lips, or palate, as well as any sore that refuses to heal, could indicate pathology. In some cases, a biopsy may be necessary to rule out oral cancer. Please advise us of any concerns you may have or any warning signs you may have experienced.

Oral Biopsy

Depending on the situation, we may fully remove a lesion in an excisional biopsy, or remove just a small tissue sample in an incisional biopsy. Either way, we will fully numb the area with a local anesthetic before we begin. You may receive dissolving sutures. The entire process should take less than 30 minutes.

After your biopsy, you should be able to resume eating, drinking, and oral hygiene as normal when the anesthetic wears off. Most people experience very little pain, which can be managed with an over the counter pain reliever. Bleeding should be minimal, and can often be stopped with 10 minutes of direct pressure with a clean gauze pad. Be careful not to bite directly on the affected area until your doctor gives your clearance.. You can return to work or school after the procedure or the day after the biopsy. You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment in a week or so to discuss the biopsy results.

Treatments for oral pathology vary widely depending on the nature of the disease. If pathology is found, we will discuss your options at your follow-up appointment.

Note About Anesthesia

You will have the option to have your procedure performed with local anesthesia, where we

thoroughly numb the area.  Or you may choose to have your procedure performed with IV sedation anesthesia and local anesthesia. The primary difference, is that with IV sedation you are safely asleep for the local anesthesia injections and the procedure.

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