Tooth Extractions

Mid-Manhattan Oral Surgery and Hoboken Oral Surgeons offer tooth extractions in New York City and Hoboken, NJ. To schedule an appointment call 212-696-2677 (Manhattan) or 201-659-6999 (Hoboken).

Permanent teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but this is not always the reality. You may need a tooth extracted for many different reasons, including damage or decay, gum disease, infection, or a crowded mouth. If you need to have a tooth extracted, here is what you can expect.

Extraction Procedure

Before we schedule your extraction, we will ask you about any health conditions that could affect the procedure. If you are at high risk for infection, you may need antibiotics before and after the procedure. In addition, certain conditions and medications put you at an increased risk for bleeding. Tell us your health history and all medications and supplements you take, and we will let you know if you need to take any precautions.

On the day of the procedure, we will thoroughly numb your mouth with a local anesthetic or you may choose to have IV sedation, and we may remove any gum or bone tissue that is in the way. Next, we will grasp the tooth with forceps and gently rock it back and forth until it comes out. If a tooth is particularly stubborn, it may need to be removed in pieces. Pulling a tooth sounds intimidating, but it only takes a short period of time in a specialists hands.

After Care

You will likely be sent home with a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics. Be sure to take them as directed to stay ahead of any pain. You will also have a gauze pad in your mouth to encourage a blood clot to form. Leave it in place and bite down gently for thirty minutes, and changing it if it becomes soaked in blood.

Use ice for 15 minutes at a time for the first 24 hours to minimize swelling. Limit your activity for at least 24 hours, and do not rinse, spit, smoke, or drink from a straw during that time. Prop your head up when lying down, and eat soft foods. You can brush your teeth and tongue, but avoid the extraction site.

Calling the office

Most people have some pain, swelling, and residual bleeding for the first day or so after a tooth extraction. However, if you are concerned about your pain or bleeding; please call us right away. Also call us if you experience any signs of infection such as fever, chills, nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, or excessive discharge from the extraction site.

On very rare occasions, the blood clot breaks loose from the extraction site, exposing bone. This painful condition is known as dry socket. If you experience severe or worsening pain in the days following the extraction, call us. We may need to put a sedative dressing on the site to ease your discomfort.

You should feel mostly normal within a few days, though it may take one to two weeks for the extraction site to fully heal. Over time, a missing tooth can cause your teeth to shift, making chewing difficult. Therefore, it is important to talk to us about your options for replacing the extracted tooth.

Note About Anesthesia

You will have the option to have your procedure performed with local anesthesia, where we

thoroughly numb the area.  Or you may choose to have your procedure performed with IV sedation anesthesia and local anesthesia. The primary difference, is that with IV sedation you are safely asleep for the local anesthesia injections and the procedure.

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